Taming The Big Data Beast

Big Data Beast

Big Data – everyone in the known universe has heard the term. In a nutshell, it means endless quantities of information far too large to manage using conventional methods. So you can rule counting out loud right from the get go.

As more and more information tumbles into homes and offices, you can bet your last nickel that big data will only get bigger. Not surprisingly, getting a handle on the info-flood is a major concern for the data hungry – like brand marketers and the businesses they serve.

The good news is, big data doesn’t have to be a big headache. Each minute, researchers are uncovering new ways to tame the beast. In essence, technology is rescuing a world besieged by a byproduct of technology.

For brand marketers who want to regain control, the first consideration should be data integration. In effect, this process melds diverse info sources into a single reservoir of red hot data. Located in one, easy-access area, the information becomes more meaningful and, aah … more manageable.

Don’t expect integration to be nothing more than throwing various data channels together, hoping they all stick in perfect harmony. The contents of this vast reservoir must be molded and sculpted into a uniform format. Only when such consistency is established can marketers glean meaningful insights from the data mass.

Among the popular tools for managing big data are Google Webmaster tools and Adobe SiteCatalyst. While these have proven admirably effective, however, it’s important to realize that brand marketers won’t achieve true enlightenment with these alone. They must also implement an analytics platform that can digest, process, and interpret the endless info.

Another crucial consideration for brand marketers is data selection. What kinds of info sources are relevant to the product or service you’re promoting? Do you go with geographic, keyword, local, link, rank, social network, website, etc.? You’ll be wading through plenty of data before you get the answer. Brand marketers must also know if the data is coming from trusted places. And that alone takes plenty of deep digging.

Yes, this is all very labor intensive. But, then, if it was easy, it wouldn’t be any fun, would it?

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