Tablets Trounce Desktops in CPC Finals!

Tablets Trounce Desktops in CPC Finals!

In a fierce battle to the finish, The Tablets have soundly defeated The Desktops in this year’s CPC finals. The victory represents a milestone in the short history of tablets, which scored a cost-per-click 1.7% higher than the veteran desktops – the first time the smaller devices have muscled their way to the top. 


The victory, however, was tempered by a setback – search clicks on tablets retreated by 8% between the first and second quarters of this year. While brand marketers admit this is a surprising turn of events for the fledgling competitor, they’re quick to point out that clicks for all devices plummeted by 9.5% for the year.


Smartphones, the only other contender in this year’s heated finals, saw their click numbers jump by 1.6% in the last quarter. These devices also gained ground on advertising dollars, capturing 25% more of the much-needed expenditures.


In another contest, Google marched across the brand marketing playing field with an impressive 8.3% increase in CPC’s for all devices. Despite this impressive forward progress, however, the search engine powerhouse saw its overall click-through-rate fall from 3.5% to 2.7% in a single quarter.


Insiders report that the dramatic increase in mobile searches, both via smartphone and tablet, has driven the competition sky high. And the number of marketers adding depth to their lineup with Google’s Enhanced Campaigns has made the competition even fiercer. This heightened demand, in turn, has sent CPC’s well over the fence. Said one expert: “Given this new level of competition, it’s no surprise that Bing’s CPC figures dropped by 1% in one quarter.”


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