Punch Up Your Images, and Pull in the Search Engines

Punch Up Your Images, and Pull in the Search Engines

Punch Up Your Images, and Pull in the Search Engines

When it comes to boosting SEO performance, only a fool would deny the importance of solid content. To maximize results, however, SEO marketers must look beyond the golden word. Images, too, carry plenty of clout with search engines. Which is why graphics should be enhanced to connect with Google and company.

Where to begin? Focus first on image dimension, which matters enormously. Too large often proves too clumsy and too cumbersome for viewers. Plus, massive graphics slow down page loading times to irritating levels. And when pages are slow to load, users are quick to leave and search engines are quick to ignore.

Even with images, text has a role to play. SEO marketers, therefore, should embellish graphics with snappy descriptions. Most users appreciate these enhancements, as the flowing verbiage adds depth to the visual experience. While word crafting, include relevant keywords – these invariably make graphics more discoverable to search engines.

What about image placement? Does this matter? You bet it does. And not only for aesthetic purposes. The big benefit of correct placement is relevancy. Ideally, graphics will sit nice and comfy close to associated text. Distant imagery, on the other hand, will create a jarring disconnect between words and pictures. Not exactly an outcome eagerly embraced by users.

Once you’ve done due diligence with all of the above, you’re ready to launch – after you’ve tested and re-tested. Give your image enhanced pages an extensive tryout in both the desktop and mobile formats. If the results sparkle, demand a bonus and a vacation. If not, slink back to the nearest drawing board and start re-thinking.

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