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Vadouken Vodka | 3D Modeling

Product designs are born from inspiration and creativity. From the beginning of a products life cycle, creating visual appeal to capture these visions is paramount when marketing consumer products. At Young Company we are constantly looking for new and creative ways to do just this. Through a powerful 3D modeling engine, Young Company can create, modify, and even print your ideas into a real-world setting. Fusion 360, with integrated CAD, CAM, and CAE software, breathes life into your finest ideas.

Through Fusion 360, we were able to create a model of “Vadouken!”, a premium vodka targeted towards gamers. The name derives from a mixture between vodka and the famous special move called the “hadouken” from renown fighting game series “Street Fighter.” This specialty spirit has become irresistible to the gamer with a refined taste in liquor. Included additionally with every bottle is a redemption code for a mystery piece of DLC for either Steam or the Epic Games Store. Don’t think you can handle this kind of drink? Shoryuken!

With our expert use of Fusion 360, we were able to bring together product, promotion, and personality all into a single bottle, displayed elegantly on either your personal computer, or on your own countertop.

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3D Product Design
Vault Vodka - Vadouken | Fire Flavor
Vault Vodka - Vadouken | Rozen Flavor
Vault Vodka - Vadouken | Berried Flavor