Nano H20 Opens the Marketing Spigot with Young Company

LAGUNA BEACH, CA — July 26, 2010

Nano H20 Opens the Marketing Spigot with Young Company - July 26, 2010

Young Company agency to provide brand messaging, visual identity, and initial marketing program

Nano H2O has selected Young Company to help solidify its branding efforts and launch its new technology into the global desalination market. NanoH2O enhances current polymer-based membranes with nanostructured material that allows additional control of key membrane properties. The result is a wide array of advantageous membrane characteristics including improved permeability or flux while maintaining requisite salt and contaminant rejection, both passive and active fouling resistance, as well as flexible membrane performance to address specific water chemistries.

By leveraging existing membrane synthesis techniques, NanoH2O and its advanced Thin-Film -Nanocomposite (TFN) membrane technology requires few modifications to existing commercial manufacturing facilities and fits within current desalination pressure vessels without alteration. The result is more water with less energy.

Founded in 2005 by proven entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists, NanoH2O is committed to developing a new generation of advanced membrane technology to maintain an economically viable and sustainable freshwater supply. Based on pioneering nanotechnology research at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), NanoH2O focuses on synthesis of new membrane materials for desalination and water reuse.

Jeff Green is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Green founded two software startups, Archive, Inc. (sold to Cyclone Commerce) and, Inc. (NASDAQ: “STMP”). In both companies, Mr. Green co-wrote the original business plan and played a key role in raising over $300 million in private equity, public and debt financing.

Bob Burk is also a founder and Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Burk has extensive experience as a senior manager at two different international engineering firms. He brings with him a wealth of contacts in the engineering industry as well as municipal and private water and wastewater entities. With early work on the link between CO2 and climate, his current expertise includes water supply and treatment issues for water from fresh, contaminated, and seawater sources.