Marketing OC: How to Profit from the Yoga Factor


So, you think your marketing campaign is cruising. OK, where’s the evidence?  You better have some, or you’re a ship without a rudder. Maybe you’ll reach your goal. Then again … Basically, every campaign needs a progress report.

Many score-keeping tools exist. Selection is a personal matter, being dependent on circumstances and objectives. But whichever ones get the call, they all point in one direction – flexibility. Yes, marketing campaigns are bound by the ‘yoga factor’ – they must bend, stretch, contract, and extend according to information captured from progress reports.

Start with your competitor’s progress report. Yes, the dutiful marketer must peek at the other side. Here, a thorough competitor analysis is indispensable. Said analysis examines all new products and services plopped into the marketplace by competing brands. Then the fun begins. Valiant researchers get to pick things apart, learning why certain campaigns worked, and others lead the list of personal embarrassments.

In the clutches of research squads will be chunky bundles of high-value information. This haul is the foundation for needed adjustments. Remember, nothing is set in stone. Flexibility should rule every campaign, giving each plenty of room for productive remolding.

Info-gathering isn’t always reliant on digital pathways. Long-standing organic solutions still rate high on the effectiveness scale, particularly in the retail space.

Consider, for instance, the stealth-shopper. Delightfully sneaky and consistently effective, the undercover shopper is a proven data magnet. This shouldn’t surprise. The secret shopper blends well and absorbs much. While they’re blending, they’re discovering a full range of shopper motivations and the strategies resonating with them.

Brand marketers also can profit by tapping their own camp. A customer analysis provides plenty of insight about those already on board. Possible information includes where they hang their hats, what their age range is, and what their typical expenditure is. Bolstered by this data, marketers have a handy compass showing the way to necessary changes.

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