SWOT Analysis

Address issues in your marketing early on

SWOT Chart

SWOT Analysis refers to the structured planning and evaluation method of assessing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats pertaining to a business project or venture. It is the first step towards the achievement of perfection for your brand. Improvement is reliant on clear and open exploration and recognition of weaknesses

By understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a business and as a brand, you are better placed to create and seize opportunities to succeed.

The purpose of performing a SWOT Analysis on your website is to discover which characteristics are important to the website’s success and what factors can be potentially harmful. By doing a SWOT Analysis of your company website, you and other decision makers can better understand your website's strengths and weaknesses and identify external factors that might affect your organization. These findings will be especially helpful to consider when crafting your overall website strategy. Please view our web design services here.