Keep the Selling Party Going Long After the Holidays

Keep The Party Going Long After The Holidays

The 2017 holiday shopping season has shown remarkable vigor, energized by a mixture of soaring consumer confidence and a new finesse at all levels of brand marketing. While online sales have been expectantly instrumental in ringing the cash register, brick and mortar establishments also grabbed a respectably healthy slice of the pie. Yes, merchants large, small, and mid-sized are having a party. But the celebration doesn’t have to end just because the holly and ivy are coming down. In fact, the post-holiday shopping season can be surprisingly robust for businesses tuned into shopper sentiments. Knowing what chord to strike can generate some very welcome results.

Let’s start with one of the common fruits of the holiday season – gift cards. Surprisingly, many of these will go unredeemed. According to Market Watch, $1 billion worth of these certificates never get converted into material goods. This is a fraction of the total value of distributed gift cards. Nevertheless, it’s still a hefty sum.

The reason for the non-use remains a mystery. But a likely candidate is that they vanish from memory. Many recipients simply get ‘em and forget ‘em. Merchants eager to jar a few memories and bring shoppers to their places of business can develop campaigns targeting gift card holders. If these shoppers like what they see, they may be inclined to stick around for more of a good thing.

Equally abundant during this festive time of year is the tried-and-true New Year’s resolution. Many are made; some are kept. But all can provide a golden pathway to brand marketers eager to connect with these personal promises.

Consider, for example, the ever-popular “I’m going to get in shape, I really am” resolution. Brands dealing in wares and services that cater to this noble goal have an easy in. Marketables that naturally connect include nutritional products, exercise equipment, spas, hiking expeditions, gym equipment and memberships, health books, and the like.

By connecting with these two holiday mainstays, gift certificates and resolutions, merchants can build on the seasonal spirit. In so doing, they set the stage for an extended shopping party well after the dawn of a New Year.

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