Get the Most for Your Post


Your social media posts are pulling in fans and followers by the truckload. Eyeballs are feasting on the content. So what’s going on? For some inexplicable reason, you’re not getting thee expected number of likes. Sure, some are sprinkling in. Still, the inflow is hardly cause for celebration. You anticipated a flood, and you’re getting a trickle. What gives?

Could be you’ve excluded some proven practices from your overall strategy? The kind of practices that get you noticed and spur likes galore? Here’s some of what you might be missing:

First, don’t hold back on the posts – publish often. What ‘often’ means depends on industry and user group. What’s right for one might be too much for another. Research will be necessary.

The most important point is to be consistent. By generating a regular, predictable output, you not only provide high-value content; you also fill fans and followers with great anticipation.

You’ll also want to post at opportune times. Again, determining the correct part of the day or night is correlated with industry and audience. Some trial and error will help you pinpoint optimum intervals. Whatever gets the most traction obviously are the ones to stick with.

And don’t forget to amplify your golden words with striking images. Visual add-ons are one of the most effective engagement boosters on the planet.

Finally, acknowledge the time-constraints experienced by most people – which means keep the posts conveniently brief. Such brevity, of course, doesn’t imply information skimping. Every message must say much. It simply should say it minimum verbiage. Think small package of concentrated wisdom.

Employ these four practices, and you stand a good chance of increasing engagement levels. This increase, in turn, often will produce a bounty of likes.

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