Effective Marketing Strategies

Effective Marketing Strategies: Save the Best for Last

Effective Marketing Strategies

It happens far too often. Marketers grab hold with dazzling taglines, build their brand with brawny content, and then -- stumble near the finish line. This finish line, known as the call to action, invariably separates the winners from the losers – those who spur action, and those who induce confusion.

Most CTA’s fizzle due to a shortage of vigor, strength, and clarity. Instead of shouting ‘go’, they scream ‘stop’ -- nothing further to do. Be on your way. The result? Inaction, along with shame and disgrace in the ranks.

If you’d rather hold your head up as you stroll the halls, consider taking steps to buff up your CTA’s. All it takes is unwavering adherence to the following best practices:

First, give it too ‘em straight. Don’t meander, beat around the bush, head-fake, or hesitate. If you want prospects to do something, tell them exactly what in no uncertain terms. As in sign up for a free bonus body sculpting. Direct instruction is the essence of CTA implementation. Without it, you’re counting on clairvoyance from your prospects. Not a high probability.

Second, pack some emotional triggers into your CTA. Prospects who ‘feel’ your brand are more likely to dance to your tune. Craft a mighty message that elicits a smile, piques curiosity, provides a thrill (cheap or otherwise), or releases any of the other world-famous positive reactions.

Finally, unveil the ticking clock. Few CTA’s falter when fortified by phrases such as ‘good for a limited time’ or any variation thereof. Nobody, after all, can endure the possibility of missing out on a pretty good thing. With urgency spurring them on, many prospects not only will act – they’ll do so in high gear.

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