Ecommerce Marketing: Become a Shopify Standout

Ecommerce Marketing: Become a Shopify Standout

No question about it … Shopify is the ecommerce force of the ages. Launched in 2004, this Canada-based company now hosts hundreds of thousands of online stores. Additionally, the platform offers services by the truckload, including customer engagement tools and payment systems. Judging by Shopify’s swell of success stories, it’s the place to be. And that’s where certain problems surface. Grabbing for their own retail triumphs, businesses are pouring in, inexorably crowding the field. Many are lost in obscurity. This condition presents brand marketers with the challenge of the century – how do you stand out from the Shopify crowd?

Given the inrush, an ecommerce hopeful must gain an edge; break out like a rocket. If you’re new to the territory, the best starting point is the beginning – the creation of a Shopify store.

Maybe Rome wasn’t built in a day. At Shopify, however, construction moves much more swiftly. Your store can be up and running in hours or less. In fact, legend  has it that some businesses, depending on desired features, have materialized in as little as fifteen minutes. Credit Shopify’s onboard store-building tools, which are available just for the asking.

Included in the package is a handy facilitator called ‘business name generator’. That’s right. If you’re stuck for a name, you’ll be rescued by proprietary tools that throw out the ideal identity.

Speaking of names, it’s best to avoid the free Shopify domain, which is offered to new online retailers. The freebie means your business name will be glued together with the word myshopify, likely getting lost in the jumble. A more productive move would be shelling out a few hard-earned bucks for a separate, standalone domain, re-directing it to your Shopify store.

Once store-opening day arrives, mercilessly cover all the bases. Give your place the once-over, confirming that all parts are properly located and impeccably functioning. Remember, this is first impression time. Don’t launch unless all systems are go.

Because launches loom large, Shopify offers members a unique insurance policy – The Essential Shopify Store Launch Checklist. Don’t brush off this powerful tool. Even the simplest Shopify store has many puzzle pieces. Utilizing the checklist, brands can ensure the pieces are well-placed.

If you have any questions or comments about promoting your brand on Shopify, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.