Content Marketing for the Holiday Home Stretch

Content Marketing for the Holiday Home Stretch

With about two frantic weeks left in the holiday shopping season, the bulk of brand marketing has swept through consumer land. Nevertheless, marketers are still racing down the ‘holiday home stretch’ in a feverish attempt to capitalize on remaining opportunities. Sales, promotions, red-hot offers, special events, deals, and celebrations are blazing forth to lure the mass of shoppers with un-bought gifts on their list. So how do you distinguish your worthy brand from the throng of home stretch marketers?

For content marketers, the answer is engagement. Brands utilizing digital content to reach users have a golden opportunity to build stronger connections during the holiday season. Informational rather than commercial considerations enter the picture here in a very big way.

For instance, as the new year draws to a close, brands can win fans by unveiling prospective plans for 2018. Are you introducing new products, hosting special events, re-organizing, moving, expanding? All make excellent discussion topics for blogs, social media, press releases, and any other content avenue a brand routinely travels. Such crystal ball peeks at future landscapes often generate deep and long-lasting user interest and anticipation.

Brands can complement this peek at the future with handy tips and suggestions for 2018. This strategy resonates perfectly with the phenomenon of new year goal-setting. People looking at the next twelve months often challenge themselves with lofty new objectives. Goals such as getting in shape, gaining a promotion, saving enough for a vacation, and all the rest are high priorities. Content that offers relevant insights, encouragement, and inspiration is golden to these ambitious folks.

Finally, a hearty thank-you is welcome anytime – but especially during the warm and fuzzy holiday season. Extend your warmest gratitude and fondest well-wishes to customers and followers, and they’ll likely remember the gesture long after that eggnog mug is empty.

If you have any questions or comments about content marketing for the holiday season, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.