September 2016| Back to School isn't just for kids anymore.

For most kids, September means the start of a new school year. New shoes. New friends. For adults, it means the end of summer and a good time to consider going back to school.  Online education has grown so much in the past 20 years that there are now thousands of options available to enhance your knowledge in your chosen career, or a new career of your choosing. And compared to traditional education, online courses are cheap and convenient. Today, the senior-level, experienced pro is often replaced by those who have a more current knowledge in software tools and an updated approach to problem solving. So before you're deemed obsolete, consider fighting back by investing in yourself.
Enjoy your Labor Day Holiday!
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Client Spotlight:

SoCal Skin Experts 


SoCal Skin Experts offer a variety of skincare therapies including severe acne and acne scar treatment, skin rejuvenation, brown and red spot remediation, and tattoo removal. With over 40 years of experience in laser and RF technology and the highest standard of quality care in the industry, SoCal Skin Experts continue to deliver extraordinary results for their patients from offices located in Costa Mesa, Los Angeles, and Covina, California.


Welcome, Robin Teunissen
Robin joined Young Company in May as our Client Services Manager. She brings a breadth of skills in digital marketing, advertising management, project coordination and data analysis. A background in the automotive and apparel industries has given her an eye for detail and effective communication skills that keep projects on track, on time and on budget. Her goal is to ensure that every marketing effort produced by Young Company exceeds the expectations of our clients. In her free time, Robin enjoys biking, boxing, rock climbing and listening to music.

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Founded in Los Angeles in 1949, Young Company is one of the top creative advertising and digital marketing agencies in Orange County. We are experts in the application and integration of advertising, branding, internet marketing, market research, public relations, social media and website design.

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