Changing Tides – September 2015

Changing Tides - September 2015

Message Strategy

What is it? How do you develop one?

Claude Hopkins joined Lord & Thomas as copywriter in 1906 and proposed that more effective advertising was a matter of scientific principle. He demonstrated his point with the invention of Market Research and Product Sampling. He also created advertising techniques that included coupons, sampling, copy testing, demonstrations and testimonials. With his help L&T successfully snagged blue-chip clients as Sunkist, Van Camp, Quaker Oats and Goodyear. In Hopkins’ first decade with L&T, billings tripled to $18 million, making it the country’s No. 1 agency and earning him an unprecedented annual salary of $185,000.

Douglas R. Young

Douglas R. Young Born 8/31/1910

My late father and Young Company founder Doug Young, was a huge fan of Hopkins. Doug would often recite Hopkins saying, “What the customer wants to hear is more important than what the client wants to say.” At first this may sound rebellious, but in fact it provides the foundation for solid message strategy development. The secret is simply to find out what customers want to hear. It’s up to the advertising agency to create the well-reasoned persuasion.

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Signed by Bart Young

Client Spotlight: Global Healthcare IT

Global Healthcare IT

Global Healthcare IT (formerly Global IT Resources) has been successfully supplying top quality talent to the healthcare industry for over 15 years. GHIT is renowned for its rapid delivery of accurately screened, competent healthcare IT candidates.

Young Company has been hired to brand the company’s new identity with the launch of a strategic digital marketing campaign to build brand awareness, generate leads and drive traffic to their new website.

Employee Spotlight: Britney Pesch

Britney Pesch

Britney Pesch, a South County native, is joining the Young Company team as an Account Coordinator. She is a recent graduate of California State University Fullerton with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and a minor in History. She enjoys thinking of strategic and creative ways to solve marketing problems, and constantly strives to be a student of life experiences. One of her most significant experiences would be traveling through Europe and interacting with many foreign cultures. Young Company is excited to have her on their team.