October 2013 | Ideas for Building Brands and Growing Companies

Hummingbird, the new search algorithm at Google, is not as sweet and innocent as it sounds. By disabling keyword search data which matched keywords in a search query to the same words on Web pages, Google has in effect removed the compass from the SEO cockpit, crippling the search-meister’s most valuable navigation tool. Google is defending this move on the basis that it is better for the end-user. But they don’t mention how it will drive up demand for its AdWords advertising program. A program that relies on keyword search data which matches keywords in a search query only to Web pages who pay to be found through AdWords advertising. So is there a solution for a world dependent on the Great and Powerful Google? There is: Bing! So go ahead and give it try. Bing it on! I can be reached directly at byoung@youngcompany.com or call 949-376-8404.

Thank you!

Encrypted Searches…More Than Meets the Eye?

It was destined to happen sooner or later. Google finally has erected the long-awaited brick wall between website owners and users. The wall, of course, is encrypted searches. Recently implemented, encrypted searches block all keyword data from websites.
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Hunting for Leads? Drive Them into the Open.

For brand marketers, it’s easier to find Waldo in a pitch black cave than locate quality leads. They’re out there, alright. But they’re often hidden. And it’s up to brand marketers to drive them out into the open.
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Create a More Appetizing Facebook Promotion

Facebook promotions are all the rage in the brand marketing world, and for good reason. Not only do those contests and sweepstakes reel in a swarm of new fans, they help re-establish ties with existing ones. Fans, of course, are far more likely to buy or recommend your product or service than non-believers.
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Employee Spotlight

Elizabeth Mann

This month we have been fortunate to welcome a new addition to the Young Company team. Our new Account Coordinator, Elizabeth Mann, has already proven herself to be a great asset to the office. Her eager attitude to learn all she can about the ever-changing world of marketing has brought a breath of fresh air to the company. Liz has quickly become familiar and knowledgeable about our clients and the work we do for them since she has been brought on board. 

“It is a very exciting time in the business world with a clash of classic advertising and a new online world,” said Liz. “Advertising will be more important than ever to harness these powers into complete branding. I am very lucky to start my career at such a renowned company and to have a chance to dive into the chaos and hopefully come out a master of the arts.”


With this expansion of Young Company, Bailey Metoyer, the former Account Coordinator has earned her title of Account Executive. Bailey will manage several accounts and take on public relations tasks for the agency. These changes are very exciting and the upcoming month of October is looking bright. To check out our entire team and how everyone contributes greatly to Young Company’s success, visit our website.