Changing Tides – October

October 2014 | California is still the place to be.


There are a lot of valid reasons why some companies want out of California. On paper, thousands of other locations pencil out cheaper than the Golden State. But when value is assigned to California’s mild year-round weather, outdoor lifestyle, progressive culture and thousands of great companies still located here, I still believe California is the place to be.


I welcome your feedback and thoughts. Enjoy your October!

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New Client Spotlight:

Distinctive Coast Properties


Distinctive Coast Properties began serving the south Orange County community in 1999 and has maintained a long tradition for placing the highest value on client service and integrity. While most in the industry concern themselves with increasing sales rather than bettering client experience, Distinctive Coast Properties has always operated with the mission of creating clients for life through the finest service. And with a new look and logo, Distinctive Coast Properties is breathing new life into their strong foundations of quality and service integrity.

Introducing Our Newest Intern:

Lauryn Kistner

Lauryn is joining Young Company as a marketing intern from Chapman University where she is in her last year as a Business Administration/ Marketing student. She also is minoring in Advertising at the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts where she is immersed in course work such as producing commercials and desktop publishing. Her minor classes have really sparked her interest in the creative side of advertising. Lauryn just returned from a semester abroad in Auckland, New Zealand and claims to be an honorary Kiwi. When Lauryn isn’t interning or in classes, she enjoys playing volleyball, jamming out on her ukulele and just spending some quality time outdoors.

The Magic Marketing Box

It sits atop televisions in select households. And it reveals a great deal about those watching the tube. The name of the magic box is Audience Select. Offered by Time Warner Cable (TWC) Media, the breakthrough device provides advertisers with a mind-boggling wealth of consumer data. The purpose?

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Brand Marketers Need The Best of Both Worlds

Nowadays, the marketing universe essentially consists of two worlds – the digital and the traditional. Popular thinking once held that consumers, especially younger ones, were flocking to the digital sphere and abandoning long-standing physical destinations such as stores. Tablets, smartphones, web, social media… they all pointed to one unarguable fact – bits and bytes were the new rulers of the marketing universe.
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Bring More Buzz To Your Brand

TV, collateral, digital content … they all have tremendous power to connect with customers. However, even the mightiest of these channels can’t hold a candle to what is undoubtedly the greatest way to convince a consumer in the known universe – word of mouth. Why does the word of mouth rule the marketing sphere?
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