Changing Tides – December

December 2014 | Just In Time For The Holidays!

The holidays are a time for giving thanks and spreading cheer to all – especially to those less fortunate, which is why we’ve adopted FRISTERS (Friends & Sisters) as our favorite charity.
Every year over 4,000 teens give birth in Orange County. Many lose the support of family and friends. Most have no high school diploma, no job, no driver’s license or car, and statistics show that nearly 70% live at the poverty level.

FRISTERS helps hundreds of young mothers to raise their children, complete high-school and get a job. They do so with the help of over 700 volunteers at six locations in OC that offer LifeCoach for moms and a KIDSTERS Childcare program. Learn more at

Happy Holidays! I welcome your feedback!

I can be reached at 949-376-8404.

Thank you!

New Client Spotlight:
Puppy Pad Wizard

Puppy Pad Wizard of Laguna Beach has chosen Young Company to launch its new product via digital and retail marketing. The Puppy Pad Wizard is the new way to dispose of your dog’s puppy pads in a convenient and odor-free way. Unlike other systems, the Puppy Pad Wizard was designed and made solely for dogs. Disposing of used puppy pads has always been a dirty chore – until now!
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Introducing Our Newest Intern:

Sean Menchaca

Sean Menchaca is joining Young Company as a marketing intern from California State University Fullerton where he is currently finishing up his degree in Communications with an emphasis in Advertising/Marketing. While in school, he has also co-founded an action sports and lifestyle clothing brand called Reel Lifestyles. In doing so, he has gained valuable brand communication skills, utilization of current social media outlets and pushed his graphic design expertise. He likes to stay busy and make good use of his free time – he enjoys bike riding, body surfing and snowboarding. He lives a work hard, play hard lifestyle and is focused and passionate about what he does in and out of the office.

Content Rules With Even Greater Force

Once upon a time, content was king. Then it got nudged onto the edge of the throne (but not all the way off) by a slew of unusual and shady practices believed to enhance SEO value. Now, thanks to the implementation of Google’s updated algorithms, the monarch is again firmly planted on the throne. And his highness is ruling with greater force than ever.

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The Epic Tale of Superbrand

It’s true. Your brand can fly. But you’ll have to help it along with a fantastic, riveting story that captures the hearts and minds of consumers. Indeed, telling the right tale can turn a good product into a SuperBrand.
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Tie The Knot With Customers

It’s one thing to bring customers to your doorstep. It’s quite another to tie the knot with them. Not surprisingly, customer retention is more than a process of offering products that score high on the wow meter. Along with springing onto the scene with a dazzling product, brand marketers must forge strong relationships with those who plunk down the big bucks to snap up their merchandise.
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