Changing Tides – December

Changing Tides


December 2013 | Ideas for Building Brands and Growing Companies

“If they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love.” said the late Nelson Mandela whose words leave a legacy of hope and inspiration for people around the world. Mandela (who passed away yesterday at 95) was always mindful that his leadership role in the liberation of South Africa from apartheid might not have been possible if he had not been imprisoned. It was in jail that he gained the deep perspective needed to lead his country in the difficult years ahead. If you think about it, Mandela’s message and teachings provide inspiration to people, politicians and marketers throughout the world. Marketers? Yes, marketers, because Mandela demonstrated the strength of sharing someone else’s perspective. We here at Young Company hope that your holidays are filled with happiness and time to pursue those experiences that mean the most to you.

Happy Holidays!

Brand Marketers Still Need the Snail

As the world spins toward 2014, high tech marketing methods are firmly established as the way to reach modern consumers. Or are they? Guess what’s still moving briskly and proudly through the marketing universe. If you said good ol’ fashioned snail mail, you get the prize.
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The Holiday Ruse Is On For Brand Marketers

A correction is needed right off the bat. The holidays are NOT around the corner. They’re here! At least, they’re center stage for brand marketers. That’s because the first half of November is the crucial period…the time to light up the online world with your holiday marketing campaign.
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B2B Email Seen Through A Crystal Ball

Predicting the weather is hard enough. But charting the future of B2B email is a colossal guessing game at best. The task is compounded by all the variables rushing onto the scene – social, mobile, dynamic content. Still, many brand marketers dare to identify the trends destined to shape the future of email.
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New Client Spotlight


If you don’t fly a Helicopter, chances are you have never heard of Heli-Mart. If you do, chances are good you keep their phone number pined to your cyclic. For over 40 years, Heli-Mart of Costa Mesa, CA has built a global reputation for providing any part, any time, any place in the world. With a nearly $30 million inventory of MD, Bell, Eurocopter, Rolls Royce and Schweizer helicopter components, Heli-Mart delivers essential parts and remanufactured assemblies to owners and operators.Young Company is proud to be representing such an excellent company with a global advertising campaign, web marketing and trade show support. Heli-Mart will be exhibiting at Heli-Expo February 25 – 26, 2014 at the Anaheim Convention Center just in case you want to check out the latest in anti-torque pedals.