All the news that’s fit to print – April 2017

Changing Tides - April 2017

With the proliferation of electronic media and especially social media, there is an avalanche of content circulating our inboxes that is neither news or useful. 20 years ago, we called it Junk Mail. Today our traditional mailbox is much lighter with the reduction in printed publications and advancement of electronic bill paying and email.

This year we are having great success with printed materials that are mailed or hand distributed at events. There are three reasons print is working so well.

  1. Printed mailers stand out in a near empty mailbox. Getting noticed is always job #1.
  2. Printed materials are easier to keep top of desk and more difficult to delete, especially if they are relevant and well done.
  3. The premium cost of print reduces its usage and ups its importance. Because of this, printed mailings are reserved for those announcements and promotions which are more important. Print is only used for the news that’s fit to print.

Is digital dead? Hardly, however for important messages, promotions and announcements we recommend adding print to mix. And in many situations, it kicks off the campaign.

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Signed by Bart Young

Client Spotlight: JMG Security, Inc.

JMG Security, Inc.

JMG provides commercial security solutions and support to Southern California businesses. They offer intrusion detection, fire detection, video surveillance, access control, 24-hour monitoring, and alarm permit information. As the leading Southern California security system company, JMG consistently provides quality service and solutions to fit the needs of large businesses.

Employee Spotlight: Patrick Lemaster

Patrick Lemaster

Patrick is a Digital Marketer focused on lead generation strategies. With years of marketing experience in different industries, his ability to innovate new solutions, and the right skill set to execute, he is a valuable member of our team.

When he isn’t working, he spends his time staying active, mostly playing basketball. One of his biggest passions in life is traveling. When asked where he likes to travel to, Patrick replied: “Wherever my next adventure takes me.”