Changing Tides April 2017

MArch 2017| What the Yelp*@#$&! is going on?

What the Yelp*@#$&! is going on?

One of the great things about the internet is the ability for people to openly review products and vendors. While Yelp may be the king of consumer reviews, I am no longer a fan.

Last week, I was searching for security equipment installers. I found one with a 5-star rating located near me and sent them a highly-detailed description of my needs, including all of my personal contact data, via their link on Yelp. As soon as I pressed “submit” I got a message telling me that Yelp had notified 10 other suppliers with my RFQ. Instead of being grateful, I was angry about the violation of my privacy.

I wanted to complain to Yelp, but could not easily find the mechanism to do so. Yelp does not give users the opportunity to review them. So instead, I gave the security company I initially contacted a low score in hopes of being heard by Yelp. And I did. Yelp responded by saying they had removed my review, as it did not meet their Content Guidelines.

I have since learned that a vendor can prevent Yelp from sending inquiries to multiple competitors, but ONLY if they pay extra. While I’m as keen a competitor as the next business, I believe that paying for Yelp’s ‘upgrade’ is analogous to paying the mafia for protection. So, until they change their ways, I am giving Yelp only one star.

Please feel free to reach me anytime at or 949-376-8404.


Client Spotlight:

Napa Technology

Napa Technology offers automated dispensing systems for wines and spirits in businesses and homes. The products feature technology that preserves bottles, pours exact amounts, and contains a patented Clean – Pour Dispensing Head. View the video above to learn how Napa Technology’s WineStation can help your business increase profits!

Employee Spotlight:
Brenda VasquezPR/Social Media Strategist

Brenda joined Young Company in January 2017 as the S ocial Media Relations Specialist. She spent the last three years working for PR agencies in Los Angeles, where she gained extensive knowledge in media relations and social media. She specializes in creating creative organic content across social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

In her free time, Brenda enjoys eating delicious food and sipping a glass of wine, or hiking her favorite trail, El Morro.

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