Tesla makes headlines once again – April 2016

Changing Tides - April 2016

If you love great marketing like I do, you’ve got to appreciate Tesla’s announcement of the Model 3 and the 100,000 reservations it produced on the first day. Wow! It has been a while since a product announcement has made headlines. It’s truly refreshing in light of all the horrible news we see each day. The long wait until the car is available in late 2017 simply paves the way for more headlines, suspense and speculation until the Model 3 hits the streets. It may be a dog. It may be a lemon. But Tesla’s Model 3 will more than likely go down in history as one of the most highly anticipated cars released since the supercharged Cord or the DeLorean. And the man behind it, Elon Musk, is bound to have a number of other exciting announcements to make before we see those Model 3’s lined up at the charging stations SoCal Edison is building. What this means is we are in for a long string of good news.

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Signed by Bart Young

Client Spotlight: Qure

Qure Water

If you think premium bottled water simply tastes better, you’ve only got half the story. Qure is a high alkaline water that’s good for you. Here’s why: Acidity within the body is inevitable. Today’s diet is full of preservatives and additives that produce excess acid. Increased Alkaline pH is proven to counterbalance acidity. Qure is a high alkaline water that enhances your body’s ability to achieve a natural balance. There is a reason it has a silky smooth texture and why you will feel good drinking it.

Intern Spotlight: Kelsey


Kelsey is currently studying Business Administration with an Emphasis in Marketing at Chapman University. She has been an Intern at Young Company since February and is enjoying learning something new every day. The advertising world excites her and she is passionate about the various services Young Company offers. Some of her other interests include traveling, going to the beach, hiking, exploring new restaurants, and spending time with friends and family.