If You Can’t Stretch Your Dollars, Stretch Your Content

If You Can’t Stretch Your Dollars, Stretch Your Content

Most small to medium-sized businesses lack Microsoft-size marketing budgets. So how will these humbler players supply the content-hungry demands of consumers?

Ignoring the content phenomenon while clinging to outmoded, budget-friendly methods won’t exactly win the day. People across the globe are devouring web pages, blogs, online videos, social media, e-press releases, and every other type of content tossed their way. Hearts and minds are being won over with blistering speed.

Don’t expect the influence of digital content to stop with smartphones, tablets, and laptops. With new technologies such as Google Glass entering the scene, king content will become only more firmly planted on the throne. Any business not part of the game stands to lose customer connections by the zillions.

Can small businesses ever hope to beef up their content supply to the minimum daily requirement? Well, if you can’t stretch your dollars, then you have to stretch your content. Here are several ways to expand the possibilities.

Recycle. It works with water and aluminum cans. Why not with content? For instance, you’ve published a stirring case study. Great. Next, you pull select info from the piece, do a little reshaping, and convert the content into a blog article or two. Blog posts themselves can be the basis of social media blurbs, as well as educational online videos. Utilizing the recycling process, small business marketers not only stretch their content—they establish a consistency of brand messaging across a wider area.

Be Selective. If your content reservoir is shallow, make absolutely sure your output counts. You’ll get more mileage from limited content by keeping it tied to specific objectives. Before you generate that blog or YouTube video, ask yourself why you’re creating the content and what your expected result is.

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