Brand Marketing: Jingle Sells


It’s crowded out there. At least, that’s the story for millions of brands vying for notoriety. In a saturated marketplace, there are only so many ways a product or service can stand out and get noticed. Those who don’t bust out from the shadows are virtually guaranteed a place in oblivion.

Creativity, of course, comes in mighty handy when grabbing for precious limelight. For the musically inclined, the creative impulse will find opportunity galore in the realm of jingle writing. As historically proven, the jingle sells. It has for decades … probably centuries.

Why is the jingle, clean and simple on its surface, such an effective selling tool? Perhaps the most fundamental reason lies at the core of music itself. The notes floating from mouths and instruments are powerful memory enhancers. Whether they want to or not, people naturally remember those catchy tunes and lyrics. Conclusion: they easily remember the song’s subject matter – namely the brand. Consider it ‘sticky notes’ on an audible level. We’ve all experienced the song or melody we just can’t get out of our heads. Jingles work on that iron-clad principle.

Every brand marketer knows the value of brand memorization. Once in the vault, the product remains front and center in consumer consciousness. When it comes time to purchase, guess which product gets the spotlight?

Admittedly, some jingle campaigns swell into a monotonous wave of non-stop airplay. You can cringe, cover your ears, or flee. Still, you can’t escape that monstrous, ear-assaulting tune. Good. This isn’t necessarily a drawback. In fact, the deluge can pay robust dividends. As with the song you can’t get out of your head, the overdone tune makes an indelible impression. Exactly what every marketing message should do.

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