Brand Identity: Win the Name Game


How do people see you? What do they think you’re all about? Answers to these questions define your brand identity. Bear in mind, brand identity has many building blocks. Among these are customer demographics and perceived product value. For new or evolving brands, however, one building block may stand above the others – brand name. If you’re new on the block, this must be created.

Sounds simple enough, right? Picture your product and create a name that captures its essence. In the real world, the quest for the perfect name is far more challenging. A great deal hinges on proper selection. Miss the target, and you could smudge your public image – permanently.

Given the importance of name creation, particularly for fledgling brands, marketers should do everything possible to hit the bulls eye. The following are some strategies proven to sharpen your aim.

Creativity is a prime factor when it comes to name development. But don’t go overboard. Think unique and catchy – while always staying within the bounds of common sense. As with many other endeavors, you can go too far -- and lose your audience.

No matter how creative the result, the selected name must have two essential qualities. First, it should be easily spelled and pronounced. This rules out tongue twisters right off the bat. Repetitive sounds or alliteration have been known to help, as in Coca Cola.

Second, the chosen name should say something important about your beloved brand. Neglect either one of these two essential qualities, and you’ll be ten paces behind before you even start.

On the visual side of the spectrum, brands must reinforce identity with a suitable logo. In this arena, complexity is taboo. The ideal logo is simple, meaningful, and easily remembered. Consider Apple’s universally recognized symbol … concise, clean, classic, and almost edible.

Equally important is your brand’s color scheme. Skeptics may scoff at this claim. After all, messaging is king – everything else is secondary. Yes, the message is huge. But color scheme runs a close second. Need proof? Consider the following: A research project entitled “Impact of Color on Marketing” revealed that when people judged a new product, up to 90% of their first impressions were based exclusively on color – nothing else enters the equation. Upshot – don’t overlook anything when building a brand identity.

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