2d3 Technology Has Vision to Hire Young Company

LAGUNA BEACH, CA — May 1, 2008

2d3 Technology Has Vision to Hire Young Company - May 1, 2008

Laguna Beach agency will provide public relations and marketing campaign support.

2d3, Inc. has selected Young Company to help build its business in the defense and security industries through public relations and other marketing communications. With the help of Young Company 2d3 is announcing TacitView at the AUVSI Show in San Diego –a software suite leveraging years of vision science experience and intellectual property to create Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) from aerial motion imagery.

2d3 develops and delivers technology built on unrivalled vision science expertise. Information is extracted using nothing more than images alone. It is created, recreated, manipulated, combined, and enhanced to bridge the gap between the second and third dimensions, between the virtual and the real. In 2005, 2d3 began to apply this technology to defense applications developing a specific expertise in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) operations, especially those from airborne platforms, such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Since 1999, 2d3 has supplied a range of computer vision products mainly to the film and television production industries. The company’s primary product, boujou, the world’s leading automatic camera tracker, is now used by most film and video post-production companies to generate visual effects requiring accurate registration of real and virtual images.

2d3 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of OMG plc, a company with a 24-year history of developing, manufacturing, and marketing products and services for 3-dimensional tracking in medical, entertainment, industrial, government, and defense markets.