2 Quick Ways to Kick Start Your Next Branding Campaign

2 Quick Ways to Kick Start Your Next Branding Campaign

So where’s your marketing campaign these days? Stuck in the mud? You’ve got plenty of company. Many, if not most, campaigns eventually stall in their tracks. What once was a high-energy force to reckon with is now trapped in a downward spiral of plummeting sales, views, and hits. And all you can do is scratch your head and wonder – what happened? You were cruising along so effortlessly.

Here’s what happened – nothing! Absolutely zero. And that’s precisely the problem.

Since you’ve done nothing to improve and revitalize your marketing campaign in what seems like eons, you’ve paid the price. Other, fresher campaigns have passed you by. You on the other hand, are now stale and stuck in the mud. Irrelevant and ignored. Which leaves you two basic choices – remain stuck in the muck or push yourself out. If you’re keen for the latter, here are several proven ways to extricate yourself.

1. Monitor Traffic

Where are your online visitors coming from? Who are they? If you don’t know, get educated. Traffic info is your bread and butter, the stuff on which to build a revitalized campaign. Match campaign messaging to traffic patterns, and you’ll likely see a jump in key metrics. This isn’t a guessing game. You’ll need a reliable tool such as Google Analytics to provide relevant insights.

2. Identify the Most Productive Segments

Not everyone in your social media circle converts at the same rate. Identify the frequent buyers and ping them with a steady stream of updates. Stay in front of their eyeballs because in most cases — once a converter, always a converter. Future sales are in their hands. So you definitely want to play to this audience. Social posts, blogs, and other content all work wonderfully when targeting your high-conversion groups.

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