Your Ultimate Digital Marketing Video Blueprint

Your Ultimate Digital Marketing Video Blueprint

They’re everywhere, and their numbers are growing on a global scale. In fact, brands and consumers depend on them for results. What is this all-important element? Answer: The Digital marketing video. If you’re anywhere online, you’re bound to spot ‘em.

Increasingly, viewers are grabbing the almighty vid for information and insights. Brands readily feed this desire, providing robust product promotion in the process. A perfect synchronization of need and supply.

Developers of brand marketing videos have two basic ways to go. They either can jump in and deliver an improvised song and dance. Or they can craft a formal masterpiece based on a finely-honed script. The latter choice is optimal when covering specific information.

If going the script route, success is well within reach. But it won’t be easy. Stiff competition rules the video arena. Top-flight performance comes to those who are best prepared.

The first step to improved performance is acknowledging and accommodating current attention spans. The magic number is 10 – that’s the number of seconds available to grab the average viewer. At this threshold, about 20% of viewers will abandon if not duly engaged. The remaining chunk of viewers will linger only a few seconds longer. Clearly, quick connections are crucial.

A combination of brevity and simplicity is the key to achieving the quick catch. Script wording, therefore, should be precise and concise, delivering only the essential nuggets. Everything else is excess baggage.

It’s also important to harness storytelling power. By and large, the most impactful and engaging marketing scripts tell a great brand story. Drama, comedy, intrigue may be used as needed. Whatever works. The main point is to spin a good yarn. A thoughtless spew of info and stats is guaranteed viewer repellent.

Finally, remember the stated purpose of your video. Maybe you want users to sign up for a service, jump to a web page, make a purchase, or take any one of possible steps. Whatever the goal, spell out the desired action by capping your scripted masterpiece with a clear call to action. Don’t assume viewers can read your mind. Ensure action with a well-crafted CTA that blends organically with your engaging narrative.

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