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Robyn DeTorres, Vice President

As the third generation in her family’s 70-year-old, full-service marketing agency, Robyn Young DeTorres brings a unique set of skills and experience to Young Company, where she continues the tradition of pushing the envelope of what it really means to be a creative marketer, especially in today’s internet driven world.

In 2003, while studying computer science at Santa Monica College, Robyn began to understand the power of Search Engine Optimization at a time when Google was not offering analytics and data was still being tabulated by hand. It did not take long for her to realize the incredible importance of finding websites through natural search, and found she had an instinctive skill for strategically optimizing websites. It was then she made the decision to focus her energy, time and career on digital marketing. Currently, Robyn finds herself at the apex of her industry with a proven track record of successful results for her clients and continually refreshes her knowledge in terms of bots, algorithms, CPC, and conversions to keep her client’s brands in the top positions.

Robyn truly understands how to bring the right pieces together to form an effective marketing campaign that can be measured and enhanced. Utilizing today’s data tools and over 15 years of experience, Robyn does what’s needed to ensure that the marketing programs Young Company delivers to their clients are cohesive and quantified as well as flexible and creative. Since joining Young Company, the agency has realized increased profitability, improved client relationships and is primed for explosive growth in the future.