Young Company Joins International Brand-Building Partnership


Young Company Joins International Brand-Building Partnership - June 7, 2000

Young Company today confirmed its commitment to going global, becoming the newest member of BBN, an international, multicultural alliance of 21 independent business-to-business advertising and marketing communication agencies. This move represents the first step in BBN’s campaign to extend its reach into every corner of the United States.

BBN Executive Director Bryan Calloway says BBN is a unique partnership that offers an alternative to huge multinationals or networks.

“BBN is different. It began as a network 13 years ago, but has grown into a truly international agency, made from partnerships with market-leading independent agencies throughout the world, and co-ordinated by a central head office based in South Manchester, England. Agencies retain their independence, but clients can be assured of a strong central structure and consistent branding approach.

“It is the goal of all 675 employees of our independent agencies to understand and strategize how brands can successfully travel globally. We use our area experts to address the local cultural circumstances and conditions for international clients who must brand, position and communicate globally, while thinking locally.”

Mr. Calloway says Young Company, the business-to-business strong arm on the U.S. West Coast, is ideally suited to the goals and values of BBN.

Rick Kean, Executive Director of the Business Marketing Association (BMA), a BBN external partner for nine years, said that, “the BMA is now working to help the multicultural agency expand into the western, central and eastern parts of the U.S.”

BMA is the international business-to-business professional trade organization, headquartered in Chicago, and BBN’s close ties and relationship with the BMA has played a key role in its new member selection process. The addition of Young Company foreshadows two other selections to be announced in the coming months.

With a number of significant clients, including SAS Institute, Mercedes Benz Omnibus and ABN AMRO Lease Holding, BBN offers global advertising and marketing services in every corner of the world including Europe, the Americas, Africa, SE Asia, the Middle East and Australasia. BBN’s extensive range of services includes everything from research through to ad creation, and is based on the principles of integrated marketing communications with a strong focus on brand building and management.