Will June Gloom Turn to Bloom – June 2020

Changing Tides – June 2020

Will June Gloom Turn to Bloom?

Since mid-March, it feels like we have been living under a solar eclipse. The sunshine of our lives stopped shining for two and a half months. Everything was weird. Everyone was affected. Some faced life-changing tragedy. Others were simply inconvenienced. But there was always hope that a recovery was at the end of the tunnel. A re-opening of businesses, schools, churches, and ballparks. A re-uniting with friends and family. There was a belief that the world would be going back to normal. Some argued that June was too soon. Others pleaded to relax the isolation rules before it is too late.

June is here. But it is not what anyone expected. Faster than the spread of the global pandemic, the video of George Floyd’s public execution triggered civil war in cities across America with the force of a forest fire on a windy day. No one could stop it.

After days of nauseous newscasts showing one city after another erupting into violent combat, looting and malicious, senseless property destruction, it became clear that the peaceful protesters were inadvertently opening the door to cruel civil chaos.

Amidst the breaking news and conflicting views amongst newscasters, government officials and politicians, a forgotten voice spoke up with a perspective I had not considered. Former President George W. Bush on Tuesday said, “This is not the time for us to lecture. It is time for us to listen. It is time for America to examine our tragic failures -- and as we do, we will also see some of our redeeming strengths." 

Those 39 words, stopped me in my tracks for three reasons:

  1. President Bush is not known for profound thoughts or his skill as an orator.
  2. Listening to the grievances motivated by protest is a smart idea.
  3. I am curious about our redeeming strengths. Is listening one of them?

It is safe to say the New Normal is yet to be defined and things will not be the same as they were before the pandemic. June will not bloom for business the way we had hoped. However, we could see something of great importance to our future evolve out of all the sickness and chaos. Just maybe, listening to those with opposing points of view becomes our new strength. Listening with our hearts, minds and souls. Listening with such openness and genuine concern for the well-being of others that we as a nation shift our priorities to address those less fortunate and forgotten – seeking greater balance.

Are you willing to listen? Listen to opposing views from perspectives unlike your own? As difficult as this may be, it will be essential to bringing about positive change. What if it became a redeeming strength for you? For everyone? What if it became the New Normal?

If you believe history repeats itself, remind yourself that the Age of Enlightenment followed the Dark Ages. The best is yet to come.

Client Spotlight: ITC Diligence

ITC Dilligence

ITC-Diligence is an international trade and foreign trade zone consultant, national corporate Customs Brokerage and the largest independent General-Purpose Zone Operator of Foreign Trade Zones in Southern California. It provides a unique blend of international trade related services to importers, exporters, manufactures, distributors, and local government, focusing on Customs & Border Protection issues and a niche Foreign Trade Zone business.

Team Member Spotlight: Evan Garcia

Evan Garcia

Promoted to Senior Account Coordinator in early 2020, Evan provides critical support to some of YC’s most important clients.  A big passion is learning new tools so she facilities cross-training of employees and interns. Evan has exemplary social and organizational skills. She thrives in team settings. And our clients appreciate her gentle nudges to keep their projects on time and budget.  As a Loyola University Chicago graduate who majored in Advertising and Public Relations, she has excellent writing and research skills. An expert in Cision, MailChimp and WordPress she is also proficient in many of the digital analytic programs. Evan is a big asset in the areas of digital marketing, social media, website design and PR. When Evan’s not at the office, you can find her absorbed in a book, movie or listening to Lady Gaga.