Where to Find the Who and What


Every brand marketer knows this truth -- it’s not just what you’re selling, it’s who you’re selling it to. And for that information, the field of demographics is indispensable. But where do you find the customer info so intensely desired? Among the options, three stand out.

The first and perhaps most important data source already is at the fingertips of online sellers – customer account information. Here you’ll discover who likes what and where they’re likely to like it.

Fortunately, account info is etched in stone once the first order floats in. And it remains there until duly deleted. Consider the mathematical possibilities. One order reveal much. But the orders multiply, you’re creating a story. This gold mine of data reveals clear-cut buying patterns, which create a foundation for more personalized connections. Now more easily done because you have sparkling clear picture of customer interests, geographic region, buying preferences, etc. All conveniently free and safely stored in your easy-access database.

Another resource, although a more challenging one, is the browser cookie. A great data collector, this code has triggered major controversies in recent years – primarily because it raises important questions about privacy violations. Which is why the ubiquitous cookie notification frequently pops into view during browsing sessions. Not all users will agree to the stringent cookie terms. Those who do, however, are giving you a friendly invitation to personalized information.

Admittedly, both the above resources require minimal data collection effort. Therefore, they’re ideal for the coffee-break prone. For brand marketers willing to devote a few more work hours to actual work, an ideal demographic source is the survey. Even here, however, work loads have been reduced substantially thanks to digital enhancements. Surveys can be whisked online to any recipient – and zipped right back with equal efficiency. But be warned, you’ll still have to lift a finger or two to develop and input the questions. But then, you can’t have everything.

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