When you need help fast, just Wissle – December 2020

Changing Tides – December 2020

When you need help fast, just Wissle


With unemployment up and police support down, there will be more to watch out for this year than just Santa. Higher crime is inevitable.

One way to prepare for the possibility of unwanted intruders is to create your own private security network with a handy new app called Wissle. This simple alert system allows you to reach people close to you instantly in times of need.

Both the smartphone and desktop version of Wissle allow you to send an alert in two clicks and GPS automatically notes the location of the alert. Preformatted and color coded, you do not need to type anything. But if time allows, you can offer additional information by uploading photos and videos clips with your alert or after it is sent. When you send Code Blue it delivers your alert via text and email. When you send the alert Code Red it also delivers a digital voice call to everyone in your group


What does Wissle cost? Your first group up to 25 members is free for forever. You want more groups, its $2 a month. So this year, since there are good reasons to stay at home, spend a few minutes creating a Wissle network or two. You’ll be glad you did when that urgent moment arises. Or when the cat gets out. Or when a stranger comes to your door and you know it’s not Santa’s Helper. Crime, Fire, Medical, Solicitor, Prowler or Pet Alert – Wissle takes care of it all.

P.S. If any of the members in your group own street-facing security cameras and want to link them for private viewing by your group, Wissle also has a shared video feature that can display multiple surveillance cameras through the Wissle Surveillance Command Center.

Go to Wissle.com to complete your profile. Then click on one of the links below to install the phone app.


Please feel free to reach me anytime at byoung@youngcompany.com or 949-438-2722.

Client Spotlight: Wissle

Wissle is a private alert system designed for families, friends and HOAs to immediately “Wissle” a group or community at once via smart phone or computer. Simple to use and fast to deploy, Wissle alerts are received via email, text message and digital phone messages. Wissle sends pre-formatted alerts to the groups and communities you select in under a minute. With Wissle you contact everyone at once - so those closest or most important to you can be your first responders.

Team Member Spotlight: Andrew Bjarnsen

Andrew Barnes
Andrew’s 20 years of experience in several dozen programs enables him to not only create state-of-the-art websites, but update older websites as well. Andrew has served in the U.S. Army for seven years as a combat medic. This included a nine-month tour in Afghanistan. In other words, he is the kind of person you would trust your life to, not just your website. Never one to rest on his laurels, Andrew went back to school and completed his Master of Fine Arts in the Art of Game Design at LCAD (Laguna College of Art & Design). So, if you’re thinking about using 3D VR in your next project, you know who to call.