When Narrowmindedness Pays Off for Marketers

When Narrowmindedness Pays Off for Marketers

Be wide open and embrace all. A good policy in many instances. But there are times when narrow thinking can pay generous dividends. Case in point is the microsite. This destination is a public arena ripe for brand promotion and user engagement. The distinguishing factor, however, is that the microsite is a different URL than your website, which is narrowly-focused on a single product, campaign, or idea. Given its limited scope, this domain typically is limited to only one, or at most several pages. But despite this spatial limitation, the micro packs a huge load into a small package which can be highly optimized for a single keyword. Concentrated power in all its might.

Think of the microsite as a satellite tethered to your primary website. They’re related; and yet with the micro, you’re really targeting a specific prospect with a specific offering — say a mid-priced sports sedan. Rather than spreading themselves thin across a broad product line, brand marketers can use the micro to create a specialized connection between a targeted demographic and that dazzling two-seater.

The inherent advantages of this tightly-focused, mega-concentrated expressway to customers are many. Consider, for instance, the upside associated with SEO performance. With razor-sharp focus ruling the microsite, keyword utilization can be highly selective and limited to the topic at hand. Thus, the site stands out in its narrow, cherry-picked niche. Consequently, search engines handily can pick it out of the crowd. Compare this with the more generalized website loaded with a slew of search terms, each one corresponding to a different service or aspect of a business. Search engines might need to spend considerable time determining exactly what the site is about.

Microsites also are relatively simple to launch. Compared with a conventional, full-scale site with miles of pages, products, and other space-occupiers, the micro is assembled quickly and ready for deployment. What could take months in conventional arenas likely will require only weeks for implementation. A fast-track to prospects is the hallmark of microsites.

Despite its compact nature, however, the microsite never is deficient when it comes to coverage. Blogs, videos, social media links, articles, graphics, and all other content forms easily fit within its borders. But instead of covering a wide territory, the microsite shines the spotlight on a specially-selected star.

Landing pages are similar, but are hosted as pages on your website. If you have any questions or comments about microsites, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.