When It’s the Ninth Inning and You’re Down to Your Last Out


How many times has a brand proclaimed – “this could be your last chance for such a spectacular deal!” Or the ever popular – “get them while supplies last!” Yes, in certain instances, marketers are inclined to create a sense of urgency to facilitate the promotion of a product or service.

Sometimes, however, the shoe is squarely on the other foot. The shoe switching occurs whenever a user signals intent to leave a website – without carrying out a hoped-for action. That action might be supplying contact info, making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, or any of a million other possible sought-after steps. Whatever wasn’t done should have been done, a turn of events that means another squandered opportunity.

When facing the urgency of a hasty exit, digital marketers do have a ready resource to counteract the looming abandonment. That resource goes by the name of ‘exit-intent popup’. Distinguished from the run-of-the-mill popup, this type has a very narrow function – convince users to carry out a desired action before they bolt. It’s the needed hit when it’s the ninth inning and you’re down to your last out.

The exit-intent popup is triggered when a user flashes the exit signal – before the exit begins. Just what is this tell-all signal? It is the simple movement of the cursor, which floats out of the browsing window. Once this happens, the likely next stop for the cursor is an exit button of some sort. Then click, the user is out of there. The popup’s job is to prevent the retreat – at least long enough to allow time for one a last chance message.

Exit-intent popups may contain a broad spectrum of messages, depending on marketing objectives. The most effective align with context. For instance, if the system detects a user fixing to leave a product page or shopping cart, messaging should be product related. Reiterating an unbeatable discount or an extraordinary selection are among the many possibilities in this instance.

As with other digital marketing tools, exit intent popups should be used with discretion. This means keep them relevant, simple, and limited in number. It’s your best chance to come out ahead.

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