What Comes After SEO?

What Comes After SEO?


As every digital marketer knows, effective SEO is indispensable to ensure optimum website performance. But getting people to show up is only half the battle. The other half is the conversion process – motivating visitors to take a desired action.

In the overcrowded world of websites, the key to conversion is a positive user experience – or UX as it is commonly known. It all boils down to meeting the expectations of visitors. When these expectations are met, users generally view the experience as positive. When they’re not, users grumble. And grumbly users are rarely long-term visitors.

Clearly, digital marketers should strive to optimize the user experience. The place to start is website design. Simple and uncluttered pages generate the most appeal. Maintaining this simplicity requires consistent monitoring. Periodically scan every page to check for extraneous content. Material that’s no longer needed or relevant should be deleted promptly. Chucking the excess baggage promotes user friendliness and therefore longer stays.

Responsive customer support also rates highly when users evaluate website experiences. Support can take many forms; it’s up to digital marketers to determine which will be used and in what proportions. Currently, real time chat is the most popular option with many users, with email correspondence coming in second. Other effective customer service channels include phone contact, social media, and SMS messaging.

Finally, marketers should never forget that a website experience is a personal matter to most visitors. Therefore, create a joyous interaction by addressing the personal needs, objectives, and problems of your target customer. Ascertaining these motivational factors will, of course, require intensive research. Doing this due diligence, however, will help improve user experiences and boost your chances of increasing conversion rates, decreasing bounce rates, and improving ROI. All in all, pretty good reasons for putting your nose to the grindstone.

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