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Young Company specializes in developing high-performance websites and driving traffic for clients who need sales leads and online sales to succeed in their category.  A top performing website can do the prospecting, so your sales team is free to close sales and provide quality service for key clients.


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When it comes to building a high-performance website there are a number of things to take into consideration. Clean design and great graphics are a given. The navigation should be simple enough for anyone to find what they are looking for while being elegant and professional. More importantly your website needs to be optimized because it is competing for rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to attract hot prospects for actionable new business opportunities. A top performing website means you dominate your business category on the web.

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Typically 140 to 360 hours of Site Development


Typically 360 to 500 hours of Site Development


Typically 500 – 1000 hours of Site Development


Typically 1000+ hours of Site Development

Why and How We Create Category Champion Websites

There is no room for second place thinking on the web. The top three websites for any given category will produce 60 -70% of the traffic for the highest volume keywords.


When you consider that your website never sleeps and it sees a lot more prospects and customers than your entire sales force, you appreciate the significant role website marketing plays in your company's success. Each year the stakes go higher. To create a top performing website, we conduct a very thorough examination of competitive websites within your industry. Based on a 100 point competitive website evaluation, we carefully examine the features and tactics that attract, retain and convert visitors into paying customers. We compile this information to prepare website recommendations and define the optimization strategy, social media management, and conversion goals your website needs to track from-the-jump.


When it comes to creating the website, we want to maximize each page so the copy and graphics are clean, crisp and inspiring. We believe that above average effort is required to create a champion -aA site that beats competitors from both a search and an user experience point of view.


Digital Marketing is a constantly changing beast. Tactics used two years ago are vastly different from what's happening now. Search engines, especially Google, are constantly evolving the way they perform searches. It's our job to keep a finger on the pulse of how organic search is performed. We take great pride in our work, and we show it off by compiling and benchmarking your website's data from start to finish; improving your ROI with our digital marketing services.

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