Using Videography: Should Your Brand Do a Complete 360?


If you enjoy Google Street View and relish the experience of moving around every direction, you’re a bona fide fan of 360-video. Viewers have spent hours touring a single neighborhood. Which soon prompted this question from many a marketer - Could a 360 video create the same appeal for products and services?

Apparently, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Which explains why legions of video marketers are using 360-videos every chance they get. The results speak for themselves. 70% of these brand marketers report a sizable jump in viewer engagement. Thus, the conclusion - if greater user interaction is desired, opt for the immersive video.

The 360 experience is especially impactful in the social media space. Consider, for instance, the mileage Facebook is getting out of the medium. With their feature known as Facebook 360, the social media mainstay offers a golden opportunity to video marketers. Utilizing this tool, advertisers permit viewers to tilt, pan, and perform sundry other moves – all from their mobile device. The longer viewers stay, the more familiar they become with a brand.

A wide range of business can benefit from 360 exposure. Real estate professionals, for instance, can create dazzling virtual property tours.  Likewise, hotels and other vacation-oriented establishments can offer viewers full immersion into scenic surroundings. The ‘wow’ factor is unlimited.

Naturally, video marketers aiming for the 360 experience must be properly equipped. In this case, standard equipment amounts to a 360-camera setup. Two options exist: marketers can assemble a rig incorporating multiple cameras or they can choose a single video camera with multiple lenses.

The result, of course, will be the same dynamic experience. How will it work for your brand? Well, there are no guarantees. But if you rely on the results seen by the previously-mentioned 70%, the odds are heavily in your favor.

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