Two Paths to the Future of Marketing


What’s just around the corner for marketing? Where should brands shift their budgets? How do they allocate resources? While there are many possible routes to the future, two in particular stand out as probable paths to success.

The Big Connection Path. More and more, things and people are getting connected in a great, big universe of data exchange: TV, phones, computers, garage door openers, even floor lamps. Everything is or will be inextricably linked. And every one of these components is a potential collector and transmitter of info.

Here’s a possible scenario for the not-too-distant future: You have a ‘smart fridge’. It knows your favorite foods; keeps track of what’s stocked and what’s low. The moment your cottage cheese levels drop dangerously low, bingo! – a display screen flashes a cottage cheese ad and an order form. The day is saved. This, of course, is only one of an infinite number of applications.

Info-exchanges like these already are a reality thanks to smart phones, tablets, and other devices. You know … digital coupons, alerts, feedback channels, and all the rest.  It won’t be long before appliances and household equipment join the party. Brands that capitalize on the Big Connection will gain substantially.

The Technology-as-Fashion Path. If you think screen size shrunk with smartphones and tablets, you should see the impact wearables will have on viewing space. No question about it. A certain amount of future brand messaging is destined to be squeezed into the space of a watch face.

Wearables are already here. Sunglasses, arm bands, wristwatches, headphones … tracking this; recording that. And every one of those components is an info source for marketers. Is your brand ready to adapt?

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