Twitter’s Embedded Timelines Get a Facelift

Twitter’s Embedded Timelines Get a Facelift - - Orange County Digital Marketing Agency

Do you currently use Twitter’s embedded timeline on your website and feel that it looks a bit dated? Well Twitter has good news! The embedded timeline is about to get a facelift. On March 3, a more refined, stylish and sleek timeline will be introduced.
The new timeline will feature responsive design, automatically expand media (such as videos and GIFs) and integrate some of Twitter’s newest features such as Twitter polls.
Check out a preview of what to expect:

Twitter’s Embedded Timelines Get a Facelift

As part of this redesign, Twitter is also deprecating the old ‘hide media’ option, so all Tweets with media will be expanded by default. This reduces the number of clicks between your users and your content, and makes it easier for your audience to engage with the Tweets you embed. Twitter has also made it easier to share your content by putting the in-line share action front and center on every Tweet.

Starting March 3, you’ll be able to start embedding profiles, lists, collections, and more using the new timeline display. At that time, Twitter will automatically upgrade all existing timelines to the new version as well. All of your current sizing and customization preferences will stay the same.

To see what your existing timelines will look like in the new design, simply add to your page. You can also find out more here.

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