The Santa Claus Principle and Other Post Christmas Marketing Maneuvers

The Santa Claus Principle and Other Post Christmas Marketing Maneuvers

The Santa Claus Principle and Other Post Christmas Marketing Maneuvers

Are you an ecommerce retailer? Then no doubt you’ve been ploughing ahead full bore with the Christmas marketing. So, what are you doing after the holiday? Resting on your laurels? Indulging your loafing instincts? Not if you want to keep revenues flowing. And that’s exactly what they’ll do when you implement the right after Christmas marketing strategy.

But first things first. Before the revenues flow, you must identify your key objectives. What do you long to accomplish during the chilly month of January?

For many, the major objective is inventory reduction. Yes, even with brisk sales, some merchandise will linger. Naturally, you yearn to move it out – quickly.

Your first step is to divide customers into two distinct categories, targeting each with a category specific strategy. To your most loyal shoppers, offer juicy deals via personalized messaging. Targeted emails work nicely here. Casual or new customers, however, should be incentivized with other enticements. For this group, perks such as coupons generally get the job done.

But your work is just beginning. Ecommerce marketers should subdivide these groups according to preferred marketing channels. Social media fans get the social posts. Email lovers get these correspondences. And so forth. Research will show you the way.

As with most worthy endeavors, timing is crucial. You therefore must know when to launch an after Christmas campaign. Here, you’ll want to adopt the ‘Santa Principle’. This means get to work the day after Christmas, just like the Big Guy. Why? Because your competition will. And unless you do the same, you’ll be left far, far behind. After that, even eight flying reindeer couldn’t pull you ahead.

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