The Page No Engine Can Refuse


How can brand marketers speak with ultimate authority when crafting content? By demonstrating they have all the answers – whatever the topic. In the realm of content marketing, a pillar page is an excellent means to this worthy end.

Intended as a comprehensive overview of information, a pillar page displays clusters of neatly- organized data related to a specified topic. It could be automobile tires, financial services, fishing tackle, or any other subject under the sun. It doesn’t matter. Whenever a hub of in-depth data is called for, a pillar page efficiently pastes it all together in one easy access location. Content can include everything from articles to links to reviews. Each page is the perfect everything place, so long as content is relevant, well-organized, and easily accessible. The ultimate clearinghouse.

Great news for hearty info-seekers. But equally great for brand marketers hoping to maximize SEO rankings. That’s because search engines have a built-in affinity for pillar pages.

It’s easy to see why. First, these content pages invite better page crawling by Google and other engines. When they crawl content on a scanning mission, the well-organized info is readily understandable. Spared the ordeal of guessing, Google knows exactly what content is about, a fact that enhances accuracy when connecting to search queries.

Google and other engines also prioritize content clearly intended to provide answers. This is especially important when matching websites to a user’s search intent. The most relevant, answer-packed pages inevitably get the highest rankings. Being an obvious answer zone, a pillar page is a natural preferred choice for engines.

Along with providing great incentivisation to search engines, a pillar page also offers something of value to users – a deeply satisfying experience. Easy to navigate and delightfully interactive, this gold mine of info epitomizes gratifying engagement. Moreover, such engagement power is another major plus for search engines -- and one more reason to boost page ranking just a little bit higher.

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