Tailored Tweets Now Available to Brand Marketers

Tailored Tweets Now Available to Brand Marketers

Not very long ago, Twitter depended on limited internal user data to tweet targeted brand messaging to consumers. But those limitations have all but vanished thanks to Twitter’s introduction of Tailored Audiences. In a nutshell, Tailored Audiences is the new programmatic marketing platform implemented by the social media powerhouse.

Thanks to the system, Twitter now can zero in on consumers, using external data from sources such as CRM, search engines, website visits, and more. Oh, the things they’ll know. What once was a trickle of data will become a mighty info river roaring into the Twitter vault. Nothing close to this was in the pipeline prior to Targeted Audiences. Indeed, this tool will reveal more about consumer patterns than ever before. And undoubtedly, Twitter will be firing off their brand-promoting tweets greater and greater accuracy. Good news for their participating brand partners.

So how can brand marketers capitalize on this new resource? Here are some of the possibilities.

Improve Engagement. Promoted Tweets generated by Targeted Audiences invite consumer interaction remarkably well. One way to trigger interactions is to pack a promotional tweet with a request for feedback about a new product. Example, why did you purchase our glow-in-the-dark jelly beans?

Recycle. Many businesses already have mountains of customer info stored in their CRM’s. This can be channeled into Twitter’s data bases and combined with new info for use with Targeted Audiences.

Uncover Search Data. Tailored Audiences enables Twitter to gather up valuable search data from the major engines. If users are looking for search terms related to a partner’s product, Twitter will know it. Tapping into this data, Twitter can send a customized, product-related Tweet to these users, whether or not they’ve ever engaged with the brand.

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