Striking Thumbnails and Other Video Marketing Tips

In video marketing, thumbnails play a much bigger role than you think. As every worthy brand marketer knows, content shouts loudest when it’s reliably searchable. If content catches the search engine eye, plenty of limelight is coming your way. If not, your next stop is oblivion.

But text-based marketing matter isn’t the only kind energized by search engine optimization. Videos also benefit tremendously when duly fortified by search-friendly content.

A good place to start is the video thumbnail. This is both preview and snapshot of the full production. If the search engine stars are in alignment, said thumbnail will display on the results page. Then what? Will the video get viewed?

That all depends on the subsequent decision – to click or not to click?  If ‘yes’, the attentive user commits to a view. Brand content is thereby displayed in all its glory.

If, however, a thumbs-down is flashed, your magnificent content falters and fades. Net profit to you = zero!

Lesson: Give due attention to the video thumbnail. Ideally, choose a shot that screams ‘click me’ and encapsulates the essence of your message – all at one. Don’t gloss over the thumbs. Call in your best and mull over the matter as if planning the next moon shot.

“The success of your video campaign depends on the click. Do what it takes to make it a sure thing.”

Location, Location, Location

Video location also impacts search results and therefore number of views. Ideally, the production will reside on your brand website. Otherwise, your friendly neighborhood search engine could redirect users to its current locale – somebody else’s site. That somebody will grab the attention, not you. Avoid this unintended generosity by hosting brand videos on your home turf.

For icing on the cake, imitate the example of text-based content – sprinkle targeted keywords and key-phrases throughout your video production. These attention-getters generate considerable search value when woven into the fabric of both spoken and on-screen messaging.

If you have any questions or comments about search engine optimization for video marketing, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.