Stay on Top of the Mobile Marketing Game

Stay on Top of the Mobile Marketing Game

In case you haven’t noticed, mobile technology has remolded our world. Smartphones and tablets connect people and brands in nanoseconds. Info zips back and forth without pausing. And everyone knows about each other. Or do they?

What are Consumers Really Doing with Those Things?

How much does your brand know about device usage? If you’re seeking mobile truth, don’t rely on assumptions. These often masquerade as fact. And they’ll bite you good and hard.

Let’s examine a truth: people prefer mobile videos to laptop. Well … sometimes. But not when watching long-form videos. Drop-off rates for longer-running content are higher on mobile devices than on laptops. Ignore this fact of mobile life, and you might be left with just the shirt on your back … if you’re lucky.

What does all this say about mobile vids? Only this – the small screen is for the quick and nimble. Optimally, video content for smartphones and tablets should:
• Last 15 seconds or less.
• Be an instant attention-getter
• Emphasize visual elements over audio

Mobile video recently has revealed a valuable truth. Young people, it was assumed, are apathetic about politics. But in this year’s UK general elections, a convincing 45% of the country’s youthful citizens stepped up their political involvement in response to a series of Twitter posts. During election week, these young people fired off 11.5 thousand politically-related tweets per minute.

Where Do You Draw the Line?

More and more, mobile technology reveals the personal state-of-affairs for consumers. Example — the health-conscious often rely on bio-data provided by electronic wearables. But expect boundaries to be drawn the moment data becomes intrusive. Do people really want alerts when their corn flakes supply dwindles? How about paper towels? Marketers must discover the boundaries prior to implementing their mobile strategies.

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