Somebody You Should Know Before Launching a Campaign

Somebody You Should Know Before Launching a Campaign

Somebody You Should Know Before Launching a Campaign

No matter what your brand marketing campaign is selling, you should get to know somebody before launching. We’re not talking casual acquaintance; you must know this person on a deeper level. That somebody is your target customer.

Why should you go through the bother of knowing this person? Because increasingly, campaigns must align with customer needs, goals, and other personal attributes. By knowing what these are, marketers can spin the accumulated data into the kind of strong, relevant campaigns that most often lead to conversions.

Brands, therefore, should build a profile of their ideal customer – that certain somebody most likely to favor your brand. For this, the marketing squad must accumulate reams of important information. Said info can be divided into four strategic categories.

The first category is Demographics, which includes data pertaining to gender, education, age, geographical region, and similar personal goodies.

The Psychographic category digs a bit deeper. This covers hidden data such as interests and values.

Online Behavior reveals, you guessed it, all those internet spots where the target individual spends or in certain cases, wastes the most time online.

Finally, the Problem/Needs category spells out exactly what an individual expects your product or service to do for him or her. ‘What’s in it for me’ is the question that must be answered.

With this data locked in the vault, brand marketers have the building blocks of a solid customer profile. Done right, the profile defines the target individual to a tee, giving you, the brand marketer, abundant raw material for the creation of spectacularly relevant campaigns loaded with plenty of zing and pizzazz. Something customers can’t wait to tell their friends about.

Of course, somebody in your camp must get busy and collect, compile, collate, and synthesize all the accumulated customer data. But that’s all part of the fun.

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