Snapchat Improves Campaign Data – Signs Deal with Nielsen

Snapchat Improves Campaign Data – Signs Deal with Nielsen - - Orange County Digital Marketing Agency

Advertisers spending money on Snapchat campaigns have demanded more performance analytics for the past several months, and now they appear to be getting what they’ve requested.

Nielsen announced it has struck a deal with the app to offer marketers third-party stats on their Snapchat ads. The news could bring a higher level of legitimacy to Snapchat among brands and agencies thanks to Nielsen’s history of tracking TV and digital channels.

The use of Digital Ad Ratings is an expansion of Snapchat’s current measurement offerings and its first venture into campaign ratings measurement from an independent provider. Snapchat’s 3V ads are full screen, vertical videos that Snapchatters view by choice within the premium and curated contexts of Snapchat’s Discover feature and Live Stories. Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, the industry-standard for digital advertising measurement, reports a campaign’s total digital audience across computers, tablets and smartphones using metrics that are comparable to TV.

“We’re excited to work with Nielsen to measure the great results our advertisers see every day on Snapchat,” said Imran Khan, Chief Strategy Officer, Snapchat, Inc. “We’re committed to bringing all the major measurement solutions to our platform.”

The Nielsen-Snapchat relationship has been in place for a year, giving brands numbers around what they call “brand resonance” and brand lift, but the new data represents an expansion of the partnership.

So, it appears the Los Angeles-based company is taking marketers’ demands more seriously as each day passes. Marketers who run Snapchat’s ads—which allow targeting based on users’ age, gender, device, carrier and content interests—likely appreciate that trend.

Snapchat is reportedly on track to make $100 million annually from advertising sales.