Creative Video Production

Americans watch more YouTube than all the major networks combined today. As the third most visited website on the Internet behind Google and Facebook, YouTube popularity has proven the attention holding power of the video medium in today’s social and commercial communications. As a digital marketing communications agency in Orange County, Young Company feels it is extremely important that we provide creative, effective, cost-effective video production as a medium by which to share ideas, announcements, testimonials and products demonstrations on the Internet. We produce most of our videos in-house under the direction of the very talented Sean Menchaca. Our studio is typically on location and we have a premium suite of Adobe tools for editing. With a few tools and lot of talent it is amazing what can be produced today on a shoe-string budget in Laguna Beach, CA. Below are some videos of which we are oh so proud!


Electron Beam Engineering


Mission Hockey


Focus 360: NEXT


UCI: Mr. President


Innovation Institute


Irvine Subaru: Gene


Irvine Subaru: Mike


Irvine Subaru: Desiree


Santa Ana College


Metlife: Campus IQ


SUBARU “Little old lady Subaru”




Dimiya Scholars


The Campus South County


Young Company


Irvine Subaru: Breanne


Irvine Subaru


Irvine Subaru: Dustin


Samsung Training


Meet the Hutchins Consort