The Power of Word-of-Mouth

Young Company has been serving public relations clients in Orange County for over 25 years, and experience has shown us that word-of-mouth is the most credible form of PR. When the media writes a favorable story about a company, it is viewed as a third-party endorsement. A great PR team can help. But today, the decision process is influenced by other trusted voices such as those who've already experienced a brand first-hand. This is where having a seasoned public relations team is crucial for spreading word-of-mouth knowledge and influencing purchase decisions across a wide swath of the target market.


New Tools and Touch Points

Public Relations in Orange County and elsewhere has evolved with advancing technologies – changing everything about how we interact with today's media. And success is rarely achieved at the press of a button, especially when your most valuable asset could be anyone from a New York Editor to a reclusive blogger or a Facebook page representing a professional community.


Young Company’s public relations team combines new technology with market research and product analysis to create messages that are meaningful to your target market, no matter what the medium. We are expert at mining media opportunities, finding those reclusive-but-valuable ‘missing links’ and crafting the best story to tell in the way it should be told.


PR Services:

  • Opportunity Research
  • Media Planning
  • Message Strategy
  • Editorial Relations
  • Analyst Relations
  • Trade Show Support
  • New Product Launches
  • White Papers
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Media Events
  • Integrated Campaigns



Young Company’s experienced team works diligently to garner valuable third-party endorsements. Our extensive history and connections in public relations lend themselves beautifully to our clients. For each client we build and maintain strong media relationships, working directly with key journalists to learn about our clients' specific requirements and story. In addressing these needs, we deliver factually accurate and relevant materials that differentiate our clients from their competitors and engage consumers at an authentic, human-level.


Our combined PR experience is extensive.

Young Company’s experienced public relations team works diligently to garner valuable third-party endorsements. Our extensive history and connections in public relations lend themselves beautifully to our clients. If one thing is important in public relations it's maintaining positive relationships with key media players. Our team consists of some of the brightest and most authentic and experienced people working in public relations in Orange County today.

For each client we take, we build and maintain strong media relationships by working directly with key journalists to learn about our clients' specific requirements and story. In addressing these needs, we deliver accurate, intelligent, and engaging stories that differentiate our clients from their competitors and engage consumers at an authentic, down-to-earth level.


Event marketing campaign for ARATEX Uniform Services (now ARAMARK Uniform Services).


ARATEX Uniform Services is a national organization with 150 processing plants serving more than 400,000 business customers. Automotive is their largest market segment, comprised of auto dealers, independent garages, tire stores, muffler shops, gas stations and auto parking operators. Uniform programs are a low-involvement category and brand loyalty is uncommon. With a limited sales force, ARATEX needed a program that facilitated relationship building and customer retention.


Matt McConaughy of ARATEX awards A.J. Foyt the
“best dressed” pit crew award for his team’s uniforms.



Sharing costs with local ARATEX regional offices to
ensure a high level of sales and management support



Track safety crews wore ARATEX sponsored uniforms
enhancing brand visibility throughout the race-day.

Advertorial focused on how uniforms are used to create
“Teams” was placed at no charge in Indy Car Racing programs.
Over 20 pages of “free” advertising were attained with
this prepared advertorial based on safety apparel uniforms.
Major advertisers use the race team uniforms as a
branding opportunity, this advertorial tells the story.
Track signage supports brand awareness goals along with
print advertising that runs in the race-day programs.

Retain customers and develop new relationships with potential customers.


1.The main strategy was to leverage the excitement of Indy Car Racing and to make ARATEX a big name. Receive exposure for this single event that comes to a number of major metropolitan areas once a year.
2.Invite ARATEX customers and prospects to Indy Car Races where ARATEX had strong coverage.
3.Share the cost of hosting a hospitality tent with the local management to assure a high level of local support and participation from sales and management personnel.
4.Provide racetrack safety crews with ARATEX uniforms free of charge to increase visibility for the brand. This was done wherever and whenever it was possible.
5.Host a “Best Dressed Pit Crew” competition that was judged by local media personalities and with awards given to their favorite race team. The Young Company public relations team hand selected the judges for the competition.
6.Prepare two-page full color advertorials on subjects such as “Team Building”, “Brand Building” and “Uniform Safety” which were placed in race-day programs. Young Company researched, wrote, designed and produced each advertorial.


1.This was the single best customer retention and new business program in ARATEX’s 20-year history according to Director of Marketing Matt McConaughy and others associated with the program.
2.Customer retention improved nearly 10% compared to previous years.
3.An average of five new customers signed up with multi-year contracts at each racing venue each season the program ran.
4.More than $150,000 in free advertising space was generated each year during a three year span from the inclusion of the ARATEX sponsored advertorial.
5.Numerous PA (public address) announcements were made throughout the race days when ARATEX sponsored the “Best Dressed” pit crew competitions.
6.The ARATEX advertorial was often deemed the most interesting article in the race-day magazine.
7.The advertorial listed the direct phone number of ARATEX’s Vice President of Marketing who received dozens of calls as a result. ARATEX achieved 93% total brand awareness among the target audience of uniform service decision makers according to an independent survey.
8.ARATEX became the market leader during this time, dominating the uniform service category in terms of growth, market share and profitability.
9.In the words of famous racecar driver and team manager A.J. Foyt when he received his team’s price for having the best-dressed pit crew, “Where did you guys come from? You guys are everywhere!”

  • Campaign
    Promotion of Velocium, TRW’s commercial semiconductor spin-off.Situation
    TRW is a well-respected company. Velocium’s tie to TRW’s experience was important, but secondary to its superior products. However, TRW’s automotive and military defense orientation has inhibited its potential in supplying advanced semiconductors for commercial markets. Velocium provided an opportunity to change perceptions about TRW and serve to demonstrate how TRW’s powerful technology can be successfully marketed into the fast-moving commercial arena. Another barrier to Velocium’s success was the lack of knowledge in the editorial community the benefits of GaAs and, especially, InP technologies for commercial applications.

    Young Company co-authored an article with Velocium in EE Times. This article titled, "The InP Path to Production," featured expert technologies. Additionally, the article covered Velocium’s Indium Phosphide components.
    Young Company provided Compound Semiconductor, a well-known technological magazine, a cover story by Velocium about Indium Phosphide for the May 2002 issue. Indium Phosphide is used for fiber optic and wireless telecommunication applications.
    The March 2002 issue of RF Design featured a cover story on, "The Changing Landscape of RF and Fiber Optics," which was credited to Velocium President Dwight Streit.

    Raise awareness of Velocium as a leader in the design and fabrication of high-speed gallium arsenide (GaAs) and indium phosphide (InP) components for fiber optic and wireless telecommunication applications.


    1.Educate the media serving the design engineering community on the advantages of GaAs and InP technologies for commercial technologies.
    2.Leverage TRW’s more than 20 years experience in developing and fabricating compound semiconductor components to establish Velocium as the expert in GaAs and InP technologies.
    3.Establish Velocium as the leader in the development and fabrication of high-volume GaAs and InP components in commercial volumes.
    4.Obtain major coverage (magazine covers supported by in-depth technical feature articles) within the media serving the design engineering and commercial compound semiconductor audience.
    5.Encourage the media to cover the new products and partnerships introduced by Velocium during 2002 by delivering relevant and exciting editorial materials and ensuring executive availability for media interviews.


    1.Velocium prominently featured in EE Times "The Art of Change: Technologies for Designing Our Future" supplement in September 2002. Indium phosphide was the first technology featured, with much of the content derived from Velocium materials and interviews. In addition to covering the company, this section featured Velocium photographs and a contributed technical paper, "The InP Path to Production," co-authored by Young Company and credited to Dwight Streit, president of Velocium.
    2.Indium Phosphide cover story in the May 2002 issue of Compound Semiconductor. Velocium provided (via agency) and credited the cover photography, table-of-contents photo and the cover story contributed article recoognized to Velocium President Dwight Streit. Velocium the first company featured in the publication’s feature on InP technology.
    3.Velocium provided the contributed cover story, "The Changing Landscape of RF and Fiber Optics," for the March 2002 issue RF Design. The contributed article, credited to Velocium President Dwight Streit, included several figures and photographs, and a brief biography of Mr. Streit.
    4.In the January 2002 issue of Applied Microwave & Wireless, Velocium authored a Product & Technologies feature on the company’s new modulator driver and contributed to the monthly guest editorial. This piece was titled "For High Performance Wireless and Telecom ICs, It’s Déjà vu All Over Again." The Product & Technology feature, which included graphics and photography, was credited to Frank Kropschot, Velocium’s COO, while Velocium President Dwight Streit authored the editorial.
    5.Publication of other supporting features and regular coverage of new Velocium products and company news within the design engineering, semiconductor business and news media, included CommVerge, EE Times, EBN, Electronic Design, Electronic News, Electronic Products, Fiber Optic Product News, Light Reading, Wireless Design & Development.
    6.Agency’s public relations campaign for Velocium earns "2003 Award of Excellence" by Business Marketing Association’s 28th Annual Pro-Comm Awards, the oldest and most respected business-to-business marketing competition recognizing outstanding communications.
  • Campaign 
    Promotion of Heidelberg Engineering, a producer of quantitative retinal imaging products for glaucoma management and the global market leader in laser scanning tomography.Situation 
    Heidelberg Engineering is based in Heidelberg, Germany, with a large field office in Carlsbad, California. The company, founded in 1990, wished to grow its presence and the use of its glaucoma management products in the United States through a focused public relations campaign supplemented with tradeshow, advertising, collateral and website support. Heidelberg Engineering desired to enlighten their target audience to the technical benefits and cost advantages of Heidelberg’s products, especially their newest offering, the HRT II (Heidelberg Retina Tomograph) and the HRA (Heidelberg Retina Angiograph). A barrier to this goal was that the optometric and ophthalmic editorial communities in the United States lacked familiarity with the Heidelberg brand name and their exemplary products.

    Heidelberg Engineering’s HRT II, (Heidelberg Retina Tomograph), was featured on the February 2002 cover of Review of Opthamalogy, and was titled "New Developments in Disc Imaging." Heidelberg Engineering is known as one of the leaders in retinal imaging for glaucoma.
    Young Company placed Heidelberg Engineering’s HRT II in the February 2002 issue of Review of Opthamology. An article on the features, and capabilities of the device described the product as being innovative.
    The Macular Edema Module, used for the HRT 11, was featured in Review of Othamalogy’s December 15, 2001 issue, along with a large color photograph that features the new module.

    Raise brand awareness of Heidelberg Engineering and its products as the best choice in retinal imaging for glaucoma management.


    1.Educate the optometry, ophthalmology and news media on the performance and cost benefits of the Heidelberg Engineering suite of glaucoma management products and increase awareness of the Heidelberg Engineering brand.
    2.Obtain major coverage within the media (including magazine features, product write-ups and contributed articles) serving the optometric and ophthalmology audience.
    3.Educate the attending media, potential customers and vendors at industry tradeshows through well-timed news releases, informative press kits and press conferences.
    4.Validate Heidelberg Engineering’s product claims and position in the industry through the placement of articles contributed by third-party reviewers.


    1.Heidelberg Engineering prominently featured in Review of Ophthalmology’s February 2002 cover story. Heidelberg Engineering’s HRT II product was featured in an industry roundup titled "New Developments In Disc Imaging," along with several competitors. A color image illustrating the HRT II’s 3-D imaging capability appeared on the cover of the magazine and the first page of the roundup article.
    2.The HRT II is featured in Review of Optometry’s February 15, 2002 issue. The article, titled "HRT II: Sizzle or Substance," features the expert opinions of five well-known O.D.s (Doctors of Optometry) who reviewed the HRT II and its functionality. The doctors responded positively to the products, they were impressed with its usefulness in glaucoma management and its technological prowess. The article also contained two color photographs provided by the agency, one of the HRT II being used in a clinical setting and, the other an illustration of the products 3-D imaging capabilities.
    3.The Macular Edema Module (a software module for the HRT II) was featured in the December 15, 2001 issue of Review of Optometry in the "Product Review" section. "Getting a Read on Macular Edema," showcases the new software module with a large color photograph of the sample readout from the HRT II using the new module.
    4.Publication of features and product write-ups within the vision-related media, including EyeWorld, Medical Device Daily, Primary Care Optometry News,, Ocular Surgery News, Ophthalmology Management, Optometric Physician, and Ophthalmic Surgery and Lasers.

  • Campaign
    High School Scholarship Campaign for Samsung Digital Presenters.Situation
    Samsung Group, Ltd. markets document cameras to the U.S. education market under the Samsung Techwin brand name. The precision devices provide magnification of live and inanimate objects placed under their lens. With the help of a digital projector or HDTV flat screen, small objects appear larger than life. More importantly, this device allows teachers to present science and math problems in front of a class while facing the student. No more back to the class while using the blackboard. Furthermore, students love to use the devices to present their case, story or example to other classmates. This increases student participation which in turn enhances the entire learning experience.


    Raise the profile of Samsung document cameras as a leader in technological solutions for the K-12 education market and begin to build brand awareness and loyalty among young students.


    1.Develop a scholarship program for high school students that draws participation across the U.S. and involves teachers as opinion leaders. Offer seven prizes in an essay competition awarding $1,000 each.
    2.Ask a simple question on a complex topic. Require students to write 500 words or less on the topic of “How will technology impact education in the future? Is it for the better?”
    3.Publicize the completion in teacher’s publications, education industry websites and scholarship sites. Maximize linking with other relevant websites.


    1.Created significant recognition for Samsung as a technological leader in the education market and among students and teachers in particular.
    2.Produced nearly 50,000 Samsung website visits during a three month period. This is a 500% increase over normal website activity.
    3.Awarded scholarships to seven worthy young writers.
    4.Generated local and national PR for Samsung Digital Presenters and the program.