Which SEO Strategies Belong in Your Playlist?

Which SEO Strategies Belong in Your Playlist?

It’s generally not a good idea to draw straws or play guessing games when it comes to selecting SEO strategies. The stakes are just too high. So which one does a well-meaning brand marketer implement? Well, actually there are three SEO strategies that belong in every brand marketer’s playbook. According to projections, this trio promises to have the greatest impact as 2014 rolls forward. Deciding on the right scale for each depends on your goals and your marketing capacity.  Here they are in no particular order.

Mobile SEO Strategies 

It’s been hammered into the consciousness of marketers for what seems like eons – mobile marketing is indispensable for success. The facts bear this out. Nielson research demonstrates that an eye-opening 48% of mobile customers begin with paid and organic searches. Couple this with the heavy saturation of mobile devices in the known universe, and the picture becomes clear – a large slice of SEO marketing must honor the needs of very prevalent smartphones and tablets.

The SEO and Social Media Mix

More intriguing data from the info mill – the number of social media participants will soar to 2.55 billion people by 2017. Currently, 25% of the world’s population are linking up via social channels. For businesses, the medium offers a diversity of applications, such as customer support and research. Consequently, its importance as an SEO tool can get lost in the shuffle. The challenge for marketers is to pinpoint the SEO value of their social networks and scale accordingly.

SEO vs. Paid Search 

Fact: Organic searches bring in a hefty 90% of all online consumer traffic. Thus, according to the latest math, a mere 10% are arriving via paid searches. So why are so many marketers dropping a disproportionately miniscule amount of funds into paid searches? If you want to expand your reach, invest generously in an organic SEO strategy. That’s where the customers are.

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