B2B SEO Marketing: Better Keyword Connections in Three Winning Moves

SEO: Better Keyword Connections in Three Winning Moves

In the realm of SEO, keywords make or break campaigns. Therefore, brand marketers must choose wisely when selecting this all-important verbiage. Knowing what maximizes reach is essential.

The first focal point is a brand’s field of prospects. Knowing who is conducting online searches, and what makes them tick is paramount. Frequently, brand marketers choose and implement keywords based on assumptions. Sure, they seem logical. Nevertheless, educated guesswork is a risky road to travel.

Unless marketers penetrate the searcher mindset, missing the target becomes a high probability. It’s crucial to know what scores highest with prospects. For this, brand marketers must gain answers to questions such as ‘what subjects matter most to those doing the searching?’ Once this intel is secured, marketers confidently can identify compatible keywords.

Specificity is another effectiveness-booster in the SEO arena. Say, for instance, the product at hand is bicycles. Choosing bicycles as a keyword is a logical first step. But such a generalization will struggle to get noticed in a crowded keyword space. Far better to pinpoint exactly what prospects are searching for. ‘Mountain bikes’ narrows the field considerably. But even better is specifically aligning with customer search-goals. Something like ‘mountain bikes under $400’ might hit the bullseye. Known as a longtail search term, a specific phrase such as this is the kind that perfectly aligns with searcher preferences. As emphasized in the preceding paragraph, knowing searcher intentions is crucial.

Finally, SEO campaigns will gain firepower through the use of keyword variations. Changing things up boosts both the mileage and performance of search-oriented content. Here’s how it works:

Budget-conscious bicyclists might be searching for a suitably-priced two-wheeler. One optimized article could contain the key phrase ‘reasonably-priced mountain bicycles.’ Another could feature the phrase ‘low-cost mountain bicycles.’ Still, another might be built on another variation such as ‘mountain bicycles for those with limited budgets.’ People might be using any one of these phrases (along with hundreds of other possibilities) while hunting for their dream bike. Using all three will capture all three searcher categories. Heed the golden rule: the more phrase variations thrown into digital space, the further SEO marketers will cast their net.

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