Reviews Equal Revenues

Reviews Equal Revenues

Hear that? It’s opportunity banging on your door. The name of this opportunity is customer review. An almost-fool-proof sales booster. Centuries of personal endorsements prove this beyond the shadow of a doubt. But things have changed for the better. With the proliferation and prevalence of digital marketing, persuasive testimonials reach further and hit harder than ever.

The research speaks loud and clear on the issue. Study after study suggests with compelling force that conversion rates rise with the quantity of product reviews. Take, for instance, a study conducted by iPerceptios. That organization’s research reveals that conversion rates jump by 4.6% when brands have at least 50 product reviews. Across the board, eCommerce sales rise considerably when such endorsements are utilized. Inescapable conclusion — reviews equal revenues.

Are brands forced to hunt for reviews in the dark corners of the digital universe? Must they be unlocked from some hidden chamber? Not at all. The glowing testimonial often is readily-available to the compliment-seeking brand marketer.

Reviews, however, won’t materialize unless your product or service passes the satisfaction test. Therefore, solid product performance is a prerequisite. Once customers are happy campers, the reviews will flow.

One of the best ways to generate product reviews is to ask. As with any other favor-request, brand marketers must strike when the iron is blazing hot. Which means, send a review request shortly after order delivery. If revved up about their recent purchase, shoppers will be in a favorable mood – and therefore inclined to praise. Ask and you shall receive is the golden rule of product review acquisition.

Another effective review-stimulant is material gain. When requesting a review, brand marketers can profit by adding a sweetener. Example – If you respond within (time frame varies), we’ll be delighted to activate the discount code at the top of the page.

If you have any questions or comments about generating product reviews for your brand, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.